EBSCO Capital

United States; Birmingham Alabama United States; Alabama United States; North America
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  • Early stage VC,
  • Later stage VC,
  • PE Growth/Expansion,
  • Buyout,
  • Recapitalization,
  • Other
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Canada, United States
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Founded in 2014, EBSCO Capital is the investment and acquisitions arm of EBSCO Industries based in Birmingham, Alabama. The firm has a multi-faceted investment strategy that anchors around a thematic investment mandate. As thematic investors, the firm seeks to capture, across asset classes, the opportunities created by long-term structural trends. The firm deploys minority and controlling equity capital in situations ranging from buyouts, add-ons, venture, growth equity, and private equity and venture capital (as a limited partner).
Relevant investments
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  • Example example company Inc
    $ 1,000,000
    Investor meetings
  • Company & Company
    € 11,000,000
    Series C funding
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    $ 524,000
    Seed round A
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